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Short Documentary Montage: “The Classy, Trashy…Las Vegas Strip”


Jon Havey and I shot this on the Las Vegas Strip in April while working on our documentary “Final Table,” which is about an amateur poker champion who is deaf.


Short Documentary – Minor in Possession

PASSWORD – “serveandprotect” (without quotes)

This is the documentary I directed in my undergraduate years at Grand Valley State University along with partners Gustavo Rosa and Kyle Skerbe. It’s about the complicated situation in Allendale, Michigan, a rural, conservative town in western Michigan, home to GVSU. Underage drinking misdemeanors and marijuana possession misdemeanors are strictly enforced by police, and harshly sentenced by County Judge Kenneth Post.

PASSWORD – “serveandprotect” (without quotes)

Video Essay – “Continuous Vision: The Long Takes of Paul Thomas Anderson”

Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite working director. I’m transfixed by his long takes (lengthy shots with no cuts)… so I created this video essay (an analysis in voice over using clips from the text discussed). I believe that these grandiose moments are motivated by the characters, narrative, and themes, not as a simply impressive gimmick. Enjoy!