“Iron Man 3” Review… Don’t Believe the Hype Machine

by danketchum


The Hollywood hype machine seems to set always set me up for disappointment. After paying $34 for two IMAX 3D tickets and sitting through 12 eerily similar, post-apocalyptic,  CGI-filled, franchise previews, I already felt drained and irritated with what the Disney-industrial-muliplex had to offer.

After a terrible and laughably dumb opening, “Iron Man 3” improves with some funny dialogue and neat new suit mechanics. Robert Downey Jr. continues to nail the role…but I can’t help feeling that we’re all getting a little tired of Tony Stark. What’s worse is that the film is bloated, overlong, and uneven. Most of the action sequences and plot development are so standard and cliche that I was fairly disconnected and bored through huge sections.

After “The Avengers,” ‘adequate’ is not good enough. It felt like a fairly soulless Disney cash-grab. It was very entertaining and funny at times, the centerpiece being the a great  Air Force One action sequence that was teased in the previews. I also really enjoyed his relationship with the child in Tennessee. Usually child actors and father-son plots are dumb; but this was super fun and sorta fresh. Also, some of the ideas surrounding the Mandarin, terrorism, and the US were at times provocative.

In a post-Avengers age of Marvel, why even make a standalone movie? Why not include at least two of the Avengers in each movie? The banter, wordplay, and combining of powers makes for way more thrilling entertainment. Obviously Whedon is a better screenwriter and director than anyone else at Marvel. His brisk, tight, clean, slick pacing was desperately needed here. I even feel that way about Shane Black’s own “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (2005).

The well of Tony Stark has been struck dry. The image of Tony dragging the Iron Man suit through the snow, exhausted, becomes the perfect metaphor for what the studio system is doing to franchises.